PHP Security Expert

Training Duration: 40 Hours

Pre-requisite: PHP Basics

Training Module-

Chapter 1- Introduction Gives an overview of security principles and best

Chapter 2- Forms and URLs Covers form processing and attacks such as
cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgeries.
Chapter 3- Databases and SQL Focuses on using databases and attacks such as
SQL injection.
Chapter 4- Sessions and Cookies Explains PHP’s session support and shows you
how to protect your applications from attacks such as session fixation and
session hijacking.
Chapter 5- Includes Covers the risks associated with the use of includes, such as
backdoor URLs and code injection.
Chapter 6- Files and Commands Discusses attacks such as file system traversal
and command injection.
Chapter 7- Authentication and Authorization Helps you create secure
authentication and authorization mechanisms and protect your applications
from things like brute force attacks and replay attacks.
Chapter 8- Shared Hosting Explains the inherent risks associated with a shared
hosting environment. You are shown how to avoid the exposure of your source
code and session data, as well as how to protect your applications from attacks
such as session injection.




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